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Signs you need to hire a dog trainer

Have you ever thought about working alongside a dog trainer but are not sure if it is right for you or your dog?

Hiring a dog trainer can be a really difficult choice and there is lots to think about when looking to work alongside someone.

How do you even know if you need a trainer anyway? It is worth looking at if:

  • Your dog doesn't respond to your cues the first time every time.

  • Your dog causes chaos everywhere they go.

  • You have to apologise to other people as your dog has run up to them jumping on them.

  • You have to shout out to people ‘its ok he’s friendly’ as your dog hurtles away and you know you cannot recall him back to you.

  • Your dog is destructive if left on their own.

  • You do not enjoy your dog’s walk.

  • You need to walk early in the morning or late evening to avoid walking your dog around people or other dogs.

  • You have tried the training you already know or your friends have given you or the person down the road has given you or the training you have seen on YouTube.

By working with a trainer, you will get expert help tailored to you and your dog. They will help you plan your training journey giving you the best techniques to achieve your goals.

When selecting a trainer look at how you would like to work with your dog as there are many different techniques that can be used when working together with a trainer. Select one that aligns with your beliefs and one that will help develop a relationship with your dog in a positive way. Be aware if you select a balanced trainer it does not necessarily mean that they work in a balanced way. It indicates the trainer uses all areas of the quadrant when training with your dog which includes positive punishment which is a really aversive way of working together with your dog as it means that they will get punished for behaviours that are undesirable. However, there are much kinder ways to work together with your dog without having to use aversive training.

Look for accreditations as sadly the training industry is an unregulated industry and anyone can call themselves a dog trainer. I am proud to be an accredited IMDT trainer and behaviourist and more recently an ACE trainer working together with your dog to help them learn vital life skills.

If you have any questions about working alongside me you are more than welcome to ask!

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