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About Me

Laura Taylor

Expert Dog Trainer and Behaviourist

I have always been passionate about dogs especially when working. 

As a family we used to go on holidays in Scotland and my parents would take us to Collie trails and I was so fascinated about how they knew what to do. 

I was incredibly lucky to get a weekend job in a German Shepherd rescue kennels almost twenty years ago. It was like my second home and family. Every week I would go home and ask my parents for a dog. I think they were hoping that it was going to be a phase and would soon lose interest. Little did I realise it would ignite a lifetime passion. 

We finally introduced our first four paws to our family, a Border Collie puppy called Skye. Despite doing all the research we soon found ourselves in need of assistance with training especially heel work and recall. We enlisted onto training classes which is where I got bitten by the training bug! 

Skye went onto be an amazing dog and we enjoyed doing agility and flyball together. 

After I completed doing the National Diploma in Animal Management I was very fortunate to go abroad to both Sweden and Canada to work with sled dogs. 

When I came back to the UK I went into a trainee trainer role which is where the hard work learning all about how to train dogs began which included completing an Advanced Diploma in Canine Behaviour Management. 

This is a role that has taken me across the country working with so many incredible dogs along the way. 

I became an accredited trainer and behaviourist with the IMDT three years ago which was when I started to plan opening my own business. 

This is where Taylor's Pawsitive Training was born. I am having an incredible journey since opening my doors, partaking in many different courses including becoming a Canine Hoopers World Instructor, Dog Parkour UK instructor and more! I can not wait to see where this journey takes me next.

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