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Behavioural Services

Pawsome Training Package 

If you are struggling with your dog’s behaviour whilst in the home or on a walk then my bespoke training package is the right option for you. 

I have helped hundreds of dog owners resolve their dog training (woes?) transforming their behaviour to help the owner with their dog’s behaviour and obedience skills to give them skills they can use for life!  

This package is uniquely Tailored to you and your dog and your training goals. 


I will show you how to get the most out of your dog and their behaviour looking at what motivates them to work building a relationship together with you.


The package will break down everything in too easy to understand skills that you will be able to carry on forward. 


The programme begins with an online zoom consultation where I take a deep dive into finding all about your dog, what challenges you would like to solve and putting together a unique training plan that we will work through together to ensure you smash all of your training goals. 


You will have three one to one in person sessions where we practice the training skills together from your unique plan. Giving you opportunity to ask any questions you may have throughout the session equipping you with as much knowledge about dog training as possible so that you are confident to carry the training on your own and know exactly what to do when out with your dog on every dog walk or any situation that you may have previously struggled with. 


Throughout the package you will receive unlimited support through WhatsApp where you are encouraged to send regular updates to help you progress as much as possible with your dog. 


All techniques are taught through positive reinforcement methods by an accredited IMDT, IMDTB and ACE trainer. Showing you how to build a close bond with your dog without the need to use harsh or aversive methods. 

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