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Behavioural Services

Behavioural Services 

Taylor made behavioural services for you and your dog. 

These programmes are designed to help dogs who are reactive, anxious or unsure of certain things around them. 

You get the support of an accredited behaviourist to help you navigate how to best support your dog. 

Topics included with these programmes include: 

  • Identifying what makes your dog react. 

  • Confidence building exercises. 

  • How to help your dog recover. 

  • Reactivity towards other dogs. 

  • Reactivity towards people in or out the home. 

  • Resource guarding. 

  • Separation Anxiety. 

  • Or any other behavioural concerns. 

All programmes include an initial consultation, after which you will receive a unique training report with easy to follow guidelines to ensure you have the best support to get going on your dog’s behaviour journey.   

Programmes include unlimited support for you and your dog through WhatsApp plus access to a private Facebook training community.

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