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Puppy Training

Puppy Training Programmes

Taylor made puppy training programmes unique for you and your new furry family member. 

Adding a puppy into your family dynamics is a very fun and exciting time however, when bringing a puppy home there is lots to think about. Having an expert in your corner to show you all you need to know about raising a puppy will help empower you and your family as you learn how best to teach your puppy their life skills.

Puppy training programmes come in all shapes and sizes and are built to meet your needs. Topics included within these packages can include: 

  • How to master toilet training. 

  • How to navigate mouthing, chewing and biting. (Those puppy teeth can be sharp!)

  • Introducing general obedience cues. 

  • Introducing walking equipment. 

  • Help learn how to introduce crate training or build a sleep routine. 

  • How to keep them occupied. 

  • How to deal with excitable behaviour. 

  • Help blending into your family dynamics and working within your family structure.

All programmes include an initial consultation, after which you will receive a thorough training report with easy to follow guidelines to help get you started on your training journey with your puppy. 

Programmes offer you and your family unlimited support between sessions through WhatsApp and you will also get access to a private Facebook training community. 


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