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Vet checks

Why do I recommend vet checks for behavioural cases?

Aggression and reactivity can have many causes for a dog. As a behaviourist it is important to find out WHY the dog is performing the behaviour.

A thorough vet check is usually the first port of call to rule out any underlying causes that may be contributing to the dog’s behaviour. If a behavioural plan is developed without a vet check there may be no progress made or it could even make the behaviour worse as underlying issues are not being resolved or addressed.

Once the dog has been vet checked and cleared for a behavioural plan to be implemented the vet can also be a catalyst in helping prescribe medications that may be required during the initial stages whilst training is being implemented.

For some a vet visit is a daunting thought and can sometimes even be a scary experience for the dog but it is a crucial step for rehabilitation to be successful.

For me finding a good vet that you can trust in this process is crucial!! I love the vet practice I use Birchwood Veterinary Practice as they always make the consultation process so easy, never judge no matter how stupid the question is and have always been great with my dogs. Do not be worried about obtaining a second opinion or changing vet practices if you are not happy.

If you have any questions in regards to vet checks please do not hesitate to message for more information today! 😃

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