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Trick Or Treat?

Is your dog ready for Halloween?

Halloween is a really fun time of year with getting dressed up as various different characters, lighting pumpkins and going trick or treating.

However, for some dogs they may not like halloween as much as what we do! It is really important to prepare them for the festivities.

A dogs eyesight is not as good as ours and by people wearing colourful makeup, or masks can distort what your dog is seeing and may be a bit scary for them!

Especially if you have got your dog during the lockdown period as they may not be used to strangers coming to your home and knocking on your door or ringing the bell!

It is good to be prepared with your dog consider taking them out before people will be out trick or treating.

Giving them enrichment toys for the evening time to help them feel relaxed - there are so many out there to choose from! Licking, chewing and sniffing are great for self rewarding and are a great way to keep arousal levels low.

Put your treat box out on your drive so you don't get as many people ringing your bell or knocking on your door.

You can also help create a calm environment by putting calming scents in your home, closing the curtains or creating a little den area for your dog to go to if they need a safe space to go in.

You can get different masks from the shop before the event so your dog can see them and get used to them in a really calm way,

It is OK to reassure your dog as if they are feeling unsure it is an emotion but try not to make too much out of it - making them feel that there is something to be afraid of. Instead try to get them to participate in an easy activity to do with you that you can reinforce instead.

If you are worried about your dog's behaviour and how they will cope with Halloween please do not hesitate to reach out for help!

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