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Ten signs you need a dog trainer

When you own a dog, you may start off their training and learning journey on your own or may not even think it is an important aspect of owning a dog and hope for the best that they grow out of bad habits.

There are many resources that you can have access to that may be free or lower cost to hiring a dog trainer such as YouTube, Facebook or books but there are so many different options, how do you know which one to try with your dog or what do you do if it doesn’t go as it is shown in the videos?

Hiring a dog trainer can be seen as a bit of a negative and can be used as a last resort when something has gone wrong. However, it shouldn’t be seen this way! Having an expert in your corner championing you and your dog on your training journey is a huge benefit and gets you off on to the right track of working together with your dog in a really positive way.

Adolescence is usually the hardest part of having a dog and is usually the age where most dogs are taken to rescue centres as their families can no longer cope with them.

What signs do you look for that you need a dog trainer?

  1. Your dog walks are stressful, and you try to avoid taking the dog out as you worry about their behaviour when they are out.

  2. Your dog won’t come back to you when you call them and bound up to every person and every dog, not able to come back to you when you use your recall cue.

  3. Your arm feels sore when you come back from your dog walk due to excessive pulling.

  4. Your dog destroys your property when they are left on their own.

  5. Your dog barks, lunges, growls towards other dogs or people.

  6. You have never had a dog before and just got your first puppy.

  7. You have tried some techniques found online or other sources but still are not seeing any progress.

  8. Your dog steals articles within the home or when out and you cannot get them back from the dog.

  9. The family dynamics have changed due to having a dog in the home and children may be finding it hard to bond with the dog.

  10. You may be considering giving your dog to rescue as you do not know what other options there are.

By working alongside a dog trainer, you will get expert help and advice to help you with your dog.

When searching for a trainer check what accreditations they have, how they will work with you and your dog, so you know what to expect when they arrive.

Ensure they offer long term support and guidance to help you throughout your dog training journey.

If you are unsure or if you feel you need help with your puppy or dogs training please do not hesitate to ask any questions or pop me a message.

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