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Surviving Christmas Visitors

As we start to break into our advent calendars we realise that Christmas is fast approaching! It is important to prepare your dog for the festive season. It hasn’t been an easy year this year for any one, including our dogs. Some dogs may not be used to having visitors in the home due to covid restrictions. If you are planning on having family members over, your dog may need a little bit of support whilst your family are there. Think about creating a safe space for them to be in - which should be introduced before people start arriving. Set up your environment to be as calming as possible for your dog. Lavender and eucalyptus oils can be naturally relaxing for dogs and you can try doing scent work with your dog before your visitors arrive so your dog is feeling as relaxed as possible. Play calming music. Give them things that they can do whilst you're busy with your guests like having a stuffed Kong, destruction box or any enrichment toy. If your dog is a little worried about people coming into the home, plan for their arrival. For some dogs it is easier for them meeting people outside of the home first. Make introductions as calm as possible so you do not put pressure on your dog. Treats can sometimes lull dogs into a false sense of security. When your visitors come, make sure you reward your dog until they feel comfortable with people being in their home environment. Any concerns about your dog please do not hesitate to message me to ask for advice or support.

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