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Is your dog Easter Egg hunt ready?

Easter is such a fun time of year especially participating in Easter egg hunts with family members.

Make sure when you set your hunt for your families that it is safe for your dog or puppy as remember chocolate is toxic to dogs and by consuming it will mean a trip to the vet!

If you want your dog to join in there is doggy chocolate products available that you could put out for them to enjoy their own Easter egg hunt with you and your family. This would be a great way to mentally stimulate your dog and have fun with them finding little doggy treats that you have hidden for them. Even if it is just a part of their daily diet or a couple of extra tasty treats. Look at what obstacles you could use that would make it a little harder like card board boxes, plant pots, trees or anything else you may have hiding in your house. You may even give them more than one time at going out finding their treats too.

Remember that twenty minutes of scent work – your dog using their nose to find treats – equals an hour’s worth of walking. So, having a go at an Easter egg hunt with your dog is a fantastic exercise to do together.

As we hop into Easter time, excitingly it means lighter nights to be able to spend extra time with our dogs and working towards training goals. Spring time tends to also mean nicer weather which makes it so much easier to go out with out dogs and taking them training.

As we head out on our dog walks remember spring time also means new animals arriving in both wildlife and in farms when exercising in these areas keep your dog on lead and under close control.

My favourite time to go out with my dog is during spring time as when walking we see lots of bright colours of flowers and trees too and is a really lovely experience of going out with your dog.

So, let me know how your Easter egg hunt goes with your dog and how much they enjoyed it!

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