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How to find the right dog trainer

Dog Training is a massive industry and is surprisingly unregulated. Anybody can call themselves a dog trainer or behaviourist without having any formal qualifications.

So how do you know how to find the right one?

Do lots of research. When you contact a trainer ask them about their methods. You should be comfortable with the methods that the trainer discusses with you. Do not be afraid to ask why and how their methods work and what your dog will be learning along the way. Ask them what experience they have with your breed of dog.

I can’t emphasise enough how important it is to start training your puppy as soon as you get it home. As soon as you pick your puppy up from the breeder they will be learning what is OK and what is not OK. Bad habits are very easy to pick up and can be really hard to get rid of. Most dogs end up in rescue centers as they have become too boisterous or out of control within their home environment. It is crucial to start training with your dog as soon as possible teaching them important life skills.

Training doesn’t have to take up huge amounts of time and can be as much fun for you as for your dog.

There are accredited organisations that externally assess dog trainers on both their

theoretical and practical knowledge and I am proud to be accredited with the IMDT as a trainer and behaviourist.

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