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How dog friendly is your dog friendly hotel?

Recently I have had a conversation with a local hotel about their dog friendly hotel and what they wanted to offer their hotel guests who want to holiday with their dog.

On the surface it looked amazing but then looking into the finer details although they welcomed dogs into the rooms other areas around staying would make it more difficult for dog owners especially for solo travellers.

Together with the owner of the hotel we sat down together to help build a more dog friendly experience!

I absolutely loved getting called into help on this project as I often travel with my canine companions and have had many different experiences that I could bring to the table and what they could do to make the experience a fantastic holiday for people arriving with their dogs.

It is great that hotels are opening up to the idea of being dog friendly as during the pandemic there have been an estimated to be an extra three million dogs in the UK with people desperate to get away with their furry family members.

For hotels it absolutely makes sense to welcome dogs into their properties but there are lots of things to think about to make it work for both the hotel owner, dog owner and other hotel guests who may not have dogs.

If you have a hotel and need any guidance I would love to help you create a super dog friendly - dog friendly hotel.

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