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Be Safe Be Seen

The nights are drawing in and now some of our dog walks are starting to be in the dark!

When out walking with your dog it is important to keep yourself safe and be seen! Especially if you are living in a rural area.

There are lots of pieces of equipment that you could add to your toolkit to help with this including:

· Reflective collars.

· Reflective coats for the dog and owner.

· Light up collars.

· Reflective and light up leads.

· I have had a light up ball for one of my dogs when off lead in a field.

· A good torch/head torch.

Make sure your dog is used to wearing the equipment before heading out.

It is also good to remember your dog’s sight is not as good as ours and they do find it harder to navigate in the dark and sometimes things may be spookier to them. Take your time getting them used to darker evenings reinforcing all your elements of training with them.

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