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Dog Obedience Training


Dog Obedience Training 

Taylor made dog training programmes for you and your adolescent dog and adult dog. 

As your dog develops you will experience different learning stages with them. As they mature they will go through adolescence which is notoriously the hardest stage of dog training! As dogs start to experience their hormones taking effect, they become a little bit more independent and more often than not try to push all boundaries you have put in place. You may start to see behaviours you were not expecting and are not sure how to resolve. This is completely normal and by having expert guidance you will be able to confidently help your dog through their adolescence phases. 

If your dog is a little bit older you can still find yourself struggling with different areas of their training skills. You may have taken on a rescue dog with an unknown history and they need help adjusting into their new home. 

Dog obedience training programmes come in all shapes and sizes and are built to meet your needs. Topics included within these packages can include: 

  • Walking on a loose lead. 

  • Coming when called. 

  • Learning to settle in public places. 

  • Been calm when visitors come to the home. 

  • Excitability on the lead when they see other dogs or other people. 

  • Not been able to focus when out and about. 

All programmes include an initial consultation, after which you will receive a unique training report with easy to follow guidelines to ensure you have the best support to get going on your dog’s training journey.   

Programmes include unlimited support for you and your dog through WhatsApp plus access to a private Facebook training community. 

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